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Who are we ?

The Residence-Club La Fayette

Located in La Rochelle, facing the Atlantic, the Residence-Club La Fayette is linked to the old port by a promenade and a cycle path that run alongside the ocean. You will quickly find yourself in the heart of the city, surrounded by the famous towers, the starting point for great maritime expeditions. In La Rochelle, the ocean itself welcomes you! It surrounds you with its spray, energizes you with its invigorating air and invites you to open up new horizons!

The Residence-Club La Fayette organizes your seminars, your family vacations, your group stays and offers accommodation, catering, rental of seminar rooms, all in a pleasant setting facing the ocean and close to downtown La Rochelle!


Who are we ?

The Residence-Club La Fayette was born from the combined desire of the Office Public de l'Habitat de La Rochelle and the LIGUE de l'Enseignement, through its VACANCES PASSION brand, to offer tourist equipment dedicated to social and family tourism in La Rochelle. Our goal is to allow everyone to meet, in a friendly atmosphere, to discover new horizons.

The LEAGUE of education is first of all a History ...

That of more than 150 years of mobilization for secularism, diversity and for everyone's access to education. The fruit of this history is an associative network which continues to develop today in all areas where social ties are created, education, culture, sport, citizenship ...

The LEAGUE of education, partner of education

It supports students' education, offers teachers educational tools, helps young people discover reading thanks to volunteers…

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The LEAGUE is also:

The first associative cinema network in France with 36 itinerant circuits and 68 fixed theaters, and thousands of associations of amateur practices, theater troupes, musical groups ... As well as two sports federations, USEP and UFOLEP, and a important holiday sector which allows tens of thousands of children, young people and families to leave each year.

For everyone

The link between these activities are the ideals of popular education: to allow everyone, whatever their financial means, their social origin, the place where they live, to access education, culture, at leisure, so as not to leave those who, as they say, "cannot afford" by the wayside.

The LEAGUE of education throughout the territory

  • 102 departmental federations,
  • 22 regional unions,
  • 30,000 affiliated associations,
  • 2,000,000 members.

Our main actions

Its areas of intervention are very diverse: organization of vacations and discovery classes, organization of sports and cultural activities, international actions, debates, training, fight against precariousness, ... It is also: education fair, the “No school, no future” campaign, public school education weeks, shows and many other actions.

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To benefit from our services, you must have previously joined the LEAGUE de l'Enseignement, an association under the 1901 law. This membership, with a low contribution, is open to all, men and women of all social conditions.